Assigning each operator the app and device tailored to him quickly and securely


  1. The key aspects for determining a path to automating business processes by making the most of Industrial Android devices

Companies are equipping themselves with Industrial Android devices to create or use applications to automate processes, tasks or services. To be able to sleep soundly and successfully implement the system, however, it is essential to take care of some fundamental aspects which, if underestimated, can lead to costs, problems or failure of the solution. In particular, operators must be guaranteed:

  • that they are easily identified and profiled, in a secure and contactless manner through a dedicated kiosk
  • that they are assigned the correct application for the task at hand
  • that they are assigned the device tailored to the task to be performed, unlocking or activating it in a secure and controlled manner
  • that they automatically access the application they need without selecting it from a menu or from other applications
  • they carry out their activity with the devices in the best condition, while ensuring that they use all available devices

That’s why Smartilio Dispensing was created, offering the IT administrator a tool to simplify, streamline, automate and secure the allocation of the devices and applications needed by the operator to carry out his work.