The support and expertise of the Smartilio team to help you activate and manage your devices and address your specific needs


  1. The important value of proper support and training to enable you to configure and manage your devices with confidence
  2. A team to support you with customised configurations

Smartilio was created to make the implementation of device control simple for companies frustrated by the complexity of managing their devices with complex portals that they are unable to govern, not only by offering an essential and intuitive administration system, but also by ensuring the support of a highly competent team specialised in listening and guiding the company in implementing and managing its devices, with particular attention to the following aspects:

  • analysis of the company’s organisation to provide appropriate users, roles and device profiles
  • analysis of the infrastructure and network configuration rules and any limitations, bottlenecks, security constraints.
  • analysis of the necessary configurations with respect to the users and applications that will be implemented

The Smartilio team achieves this through the following activities:

  • an initial checkup
  • support for the initial configuration of the system
  • any specific implementations and configurations as required
  • On-going or on-demand support when rules or the organisation is revised or updated
  • the definition of alarm or reporting rules tailored to specific needs with multi-channel communication methods