the management
of your devices with Smartilio!

Smartilio monitors the entire lifecycle of your industrial Android devices quickly and safely.


What is

Smartilio is the SIMPLEST and most EFFICIENT iOT platform dedicated to the management of industrial devices and the most effective in enabling business applications

The advantages
of Smartilio

Employers in charge of device management can use Smartilio to swiftly and easily monitor and manage the devices used by the workforce or by their customers (PDA, kiosks and tablets).

• SMARTILIO SIMPLIFIES – simple, essential and specific functions to manage your devices easily
• SMARTILIO SUPPORTS – highly customised functions to manage your processes
• SMARTILIO ENABLES – Support for applications that activate your business

Who is Smartilio
designed for?

Smartilio is the perfect solution for all enterprises using industrial Android devices looking for lean, simple and efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM) The main areas in which Smartilio is designed to operate are:

• Retail sector companies

• Logistics companies

• Transport enterprises

that supply Android devices to their operators or customers


What are the main solutions provided by Smartilio?

Smartilio is designed to manage the entirety processes and the rules necessary so that the devices can be swiftly configured by the qualified operators.


The Smartilio modules

Select the module that suits your needs, or select them all!


The Smartilio MDM module enables a rapid and user-friendly initialisation of devices by simply reading a barcode containing the required staging information.

The MDM module provides a device management concept based on the configuration of profiles which are easy to set and applicable to devices in a flexible manner.



The Smartilio Dispensing module uses a specific terminal (a kiosk, tablet or PDA) to identify all users that require devices and assign the same, with the consequent release from the cradle in which they are docked, according to the configured settings.



The Smartilio Shopping module allows customers to shop in a simple and user-friendly manner, displaying the key information on the products they are purchasing and skipping the queue at the checkout.